Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Genius inventions for college fashionistas
So, University Housing sent me the packet of information a couple weeks ago. You know, the one with all that information about the dorms; the rules, such as no coffeemakers (ha!) and no alcohol; your room and roommate assignment; and of course, the packing list. The list is pretty standard at almost all colleges by now, and you can probably figure most of it out - extra long twin sheets, shower caddy, bathrobe, desk lamp, blah blah....but I have spent recent weeks cavorting through Bed Bath & Beyond, Ikea, and The Container Store, and discovered a few helpful items university housing doesn't mention that will make a fashionista's life in the dorms much easier!

A Closet Rod Doubler. I practically jumped for joy when I found this. You hang it from yur closet rod and it hangs halfway down in the middle of the closet, giving you a whole extra rod on which to hang twice as many clothes! Now I don't have to pick and choose which clothes to bring!
The Container Store, $10,

An Over-The-Door Shoe Rack. As my roommate and I have discovered in our phone conversations, we both have a passion for shoes. So to save valuable floor space in our crammed 10 x 15 room, we are each getting an over-the-door shoe rack. this one in particular holds 30 pairs of shoes and is a real bargain at 10 dollars.
Bed, Bath, And Beyond, $9.99,

Garment Deodorant Removers. I think these things are genius. Who hasn't stood in front of the sink trying to get white deodorant stains off their favorite low-cut black top? These sponges make the job easy.
The Container Store, $9.99 for a pack of two

That's all for now. Presently in Chicago we're going through a terrible heat wave so I haven't been able to go shopping...or anywhere, actually. Hopefully once the heat subsides I will be able to hit the stores and FINALLY start my back to school shopping...I've only got two and a half weeks left till I leave! :-)

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from Anonymous Kim:
Packing for college is the absolute worst; so much stuff, so little time.
from Anonymous Helen:
A thought: something I didn't discover until I moved in was that my dorm door was incompatible with over-the-door hanging systems. You might want to wait until you get to school to purchase anything requiring dimensional finagling.
from Anonymous stylelike:
I ran out of room in my dorm room last year but still had plenty of wall space, so I bought some hooks (with adhesive on the back) and hung 4-5 of my cuter camis on each of them. Added some color to my room and made them very accessible as well!