Sunday, July 30, 2006
Temporary template
Your eyes are not deceiving you, there has indeed been a change of template. However, this is only temporary -- the default template was so painful that I lifted the template off my other blog and dumped it here, with some moderate tweaking and a lot of fingers and toes crossed that claudia, my favourite techie, will not murder me for breaking the rules issued when she made that template (these rules can be read if you view the source of this page.)

Must stay in Claudia's good graces so that she'll come up with another brand new gorgeous template for this blog! More crossing of fingers of toes ensues.

I've spent two hours changing the pictures at the top. The ones I've used are pictures I had saved during my thorough perusal of during the SS06 shows last year (which, incidentally, took place right before my preliminary exams.) Tomorrow I will find more current pictures and do some further tweaking and also try to figure out how to widen the middle column with the posts in it, because at present it looks terribly lopsided.

And I will put in all the links!

Actually I'm quite pleased with the template now. It's much better than the default template but it isn't a carbon copy of my other blog (so I won't get confused when looking at my own blogs). And I've also figured out all by myself how to post the images such that they stay in the centre with all the text below them. For a self-professed html-phobe, these are enormous achievements.