Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Green confused
Yesterday I saw the most adorable little green dress at a British high street store called Warehouse. It was S$193, which is around US$125. I almost bought it, and then I chickened out because I thought it might look a little too much like a nightdress. And I didn't know how often I'd wear it, or how best to wear it. They only had one piece left in my size too!

They had it in this plum colour which is really cute too, but I can't find a picture of it in green. The one I wanted was deep green like this dress. I absolutely adore that colour.

Tell me, do you think I made the world's wrongest decision? And if you'd bought this dress, how would you wear it?


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from Blogger Anne:
Not the world's wrongest but I can see it being cuter in green. I'd wear it with shoes like Katie's from that previous post, those are awesome. I think with dark tights and bright shoes it'd be great for a holiday party!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
I have a green silk dress, which is a bit more jade than that colour. I wear mine with gold heels for a dressy occassion(New Year's last year), I've worn it with a velvet blazer and black heels, I am thinking it'd be cute with thick tights and platforms, and a black jacket.

There are lots of possiblities and if you end up getting it, chances are, inspiration will come to you!