Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Important Issues
So for 12 years I've worn a uniform to school in Singapore, which allowed for fashionable individuality only in terms of sneakers, bag, and occasionally sweater/jacket (although the introduction of the ultra-stylin' RJC hoodie partially eliminated that last one too, though I love my RJ hoodie).

In September I'm off to Chicago where in addition to the ordeal of returning to academic life after nearly 9 months, on a daily basis I will have to deal with a great might-as-well-be-existential question: What Shall I Wear Today?

I have next to no idea what cold-weather style is like, especially in the relatively arctic temperatures of Chicago. I do not own a single pair of boots and I've yet to get myself a decent coat. Plus, in university my numerous totes and cute little messenger bags won't do because I'll have a laptop to schlep around.

I'm not the only person searching for some college fashion wisdom -- teenfashionista has also been on the prowl. As tf mentioned, omiru and ClosetTherapy have some memorable posts related to college fashion, but I have come to the conclusion that there isn't really a blog around that really caters to college-related fashion and in particular, the college girl's budget.

So here it is. My first attempt at a fashion blog, from the perspective of a girl who is veritably obsessed with fashion and beauty, who will soon be in university and therefore certified to dish on college fashion issues. Until then, you can watch and be amused as I freak out about the amount of things I have to pack, the number of things I want/need/have to buy, and generally display my inner addict to the world. Or to the small part of it that actually gets around to reading this blog :)

Coming soon:
- Fabulous fashion links on the sidebar
- Hopefully a new fashion-forward template if I can convince a tech-savvy friend to make me one
- Even more hopefully, some fellow college fashion spies to help me out with this blog

Watch this space!

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from Anonymous Nisha:
Hey! this blog was a great idea--we definitely need some articles on college fashion. Are you by any chance looking for anyone else to contribute to the blog? Because I am definitely interested!
from Blogger aparna:
Hi Nisha I'm definitely looking for contributors - send an email to and tell me a little bit about yourself and I'll get back to you :)
I absolutely love this blog!